Merry Christmas

from the Morehouses!

We enjoy writing to all of you (and hearing from many of you) at the end of the year because it gives us a chance to review the Lord’s blessings in our lives and reconnect with friends over the miles. Here are some snapshots from each of our lives in 2007:

Joel completed his study of the classics at Thomas Aquinas College this May and then came home to pursue his musical interests in Rochester. He’s singing in a few choirs locally and has landed a job serving at Restaurant Two Vine to pay the bills while he considers further graduate studies and looks for work as a church music director. Fixing up his two vintage Saab 900 cars in our driveway keeps him busy in between

Johanna finished her Masters Degree in Art Therapy at Nazareth College this spring and has landed a wonderful job as a Recreation Therapist, working with elderly residents on the 6th floor at St. Ann’s Home in Rochester. Meanwhile, Zoya is growing in wisdom and stature by leaps and bounds. Four afternoons a week she’s off at preschool but spends much of her time with Nana while Mom is at work.

Nate and Kari are living in Arizona where Kari does watershed management at the Salt River Indian Community and Nate completes his final year at ASU toward a PhD in Biology and takes care of our “grand-dog” Lupe. We’re looking forward to spending more time with them when they come out East to visit over their Christmas break. 

Sarah’s expanding work as an Art Director at Mirror Show Management has taken her on several cross-country and international trips again this year managing trade show installations and exercising her Italian language skills. We appreciate her living close enough to join in family celebrations and just stop by when she’s in the neighborhood. 

Susan (along with the rest of us) is working through the grief of losing her mother Polly suddenly to an unexpected heart condition this October. Susan remains very active with her harp, playing out in the surrounding area several times a month when she’s not being Nana at home with Zoya. This year one of her more rewarding involvements has been leading our neighborhood association and heading up a spectacular Block Party that culminated with the dedication of the new “Arnett Bird and Butterfly Garden.”

Bill keeps very busy providing direct patient care, overseeing Grace Family Medicine’s transition into a licensed Community Health Center, and developing a satellite office on the other side of town, Joy Family Medicine. The rest of the time he continues to enjoy his ever-unfolding roles as Spouse, Dad, and Grampy. Breaking his right leg in September (now solidly healed and ready for skiing) added some adventure to the year  

As time goes by we are more and more grateful for our family and friends, our health, the Life we have in Christ, and our spiritual family at Joy Community Church. We’d love to hear from you and spend more time together! I
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